EZ Docks are Ice Friendly

No need to remove your EZ Docks in the winter…

EZ Dock system is designed to remain in the water year round. Since it requires only 1.5” of water to float, in freeze conditions the docks “pop” to the top and sit on the ice eliminating any concern of the docks being damaged.

One of the many reasons camps have switched to EZ Dock is the elimination of the maintenance issues of removing the docks in the Fall and re-installing them in the Spring. Not only does this take significant resources, the docks are often damaged in the process.

If you experience ice flows on a river the docks should be removed since ice flows will take docks, pilings and anything else that is in the way. If you experience ice movement in a lake you simply unhook the anchor points from the dock and pull them along the edge of the lake secured with dock lines. As long as the docks are not anchored they will survive ice movement in a lake. Connecting them to the anchor points in the Spring is a very simple process.

In freeze conditions the docks pop to the top