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Rope Railing Stand

Rope Railing Stand

EZ Dock Innovations offers a nautical rope railing stand for use on the EZ Dock or other dock systems. Rope Railing Stands provide complete flexibility since you can mount them on any number of EZ Dock pockets or at any length on a dock. The Rope Railing Stands give you the ability to place them exactly where they are needed on a dock for a walk-through access points or for a specific length. The Railing Stand is made of marine aluminum designed for both salt and fresh water applications and is offered as a single or double rope configuration. The anchoring for the Railing Stand uses one EZ Dock hardware connector or you can mount them to metal or wood docks with standard lag or through-bolts/nuts.

The rope receiver will handle any rope which can be threaded through a 1.5″ in diameter opening. Rope can be purchased locally or through EZ Dock Innovations. The end of the rope can be attached to a cleat, deadweight bracket or any other anchoring point on the dock. Standard clamps can be used on the last Railing Rope Stand to allow for adjustment on the tension you wish to have on the rope – allowing for a taught or swag appearance.

A common distance between the double rope configuration is four pockets, however an installation on a single 10′ dock requires three Railing Rope Stands if you wish to have the railing cover the 10′ length.


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