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Roof Systems

Two EZ Dock Roof Systems – Shade Canopy and Roofing

The new EZ Shade Canopy is the perfect canopy for EZ Dock systems. It reduces light transmittance and heat absorption by 95% creating a more pleasant environment for everyone while protecting their boat from the sun’s harmful rays.

Features & Benefits of our Canopy Roof System

  • Fabric is fire retardant, vinyl impregnated Polyester yarn, woven and heat set for stability
  • Reduces solar radiation and heat transfer as well as the sun’s harmful rays that fade funiture and degrade marine gelcoats
  • Maintenance free
  • Multiple sizes and fabric colors: royal blue, beige, forest green, and brown
  • Engineered to EZ Dock specs
  • Easy to remove canopy in 20 minutes
  • Lightweight all aluminum constructon to prevent corrosion
  • Custom layouts available
  • 95% water repellant

An alternative to the EZ Shade Canopy is the EZ Dock Roofing system

EZ Dock roofing provides protection for you and your watercrafts.

The roof system posts, which are made of galvanize steel, are attached to your floating EZ Dock and provide sturdy support.

Contact your local dealer to find out about options, colors, and materials available.


EZ Dock Shade Canopy and EZ Dock Roofing

EZ Shade Canopy

Our roof systems make your EZ Docks more comfortable during hot, sunny weather

Picture of EZ Shade Canopy

Sample EZ Shade Canopy configurations


sample roof 1roof sample 2

EZ Dock Roofing

An alternative to the EZ Shade Canopy is the EZ Dock Roofing system

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