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Pocket Filler

Fill unused EZ Dock connector pockets with our pocket fillers

EZ Dock’s pocket filler comes in two variations, a standard pocket filler and a glow in the dark pocket filler. These pocket fillers are used to cover the unused connector pockets of EZ docks.

EZ Dock is pleased to announce the availability of the “pocket fillers” for those customers that wish to cover the unused pockets on an EZ Dock installation.

If you prefer to have a solid dock along the edges the pocket filler can be inserted easily and it will hold in place based on the design of “tabs” on either side of the pocket filler. It can be removed by simply using a screwdriver to pry an edge up and used again by replacing the two tabs held by a screw.

The pocket fillers are a similar color as the EZ Dock system.


Pocket Filler – Two Variations

Standard Pocket Filler

Standard Pocket Filler

Also see our solar powered pocket lights that can be placed in an open pocket that will provide a flat surface but will light up the edge of the dock on the water to allow for docking your boat at night or simply adding a new dimension to your dock system after the sun goes down.

Glow in the Dark Pocket Filler

Glow in the Dark Pocket Filler

Introducing EZ Dock newest pocket filler that “Glows-in-the-Dark” green. These new pocket fillers are the same as the standard EZ Dock pocket filler but have a strong glow in the dark that will stay glowing till dawn. With a charge time of 15 minutes and a half glow life of 2.5 hours they will provide visibility to any EZ Dock installation.

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