Residential Applications

Spend more time enjoying your docks

To get the best use of your fishing boat and equipment, you need instant access for boarding, loading, launching, dry-docking, cleaning, maintaining and covering. These needs are ideally satisfied by fishing boat lifts and flats boat lifts by EZ Dock. You’ll spend less time getting your boat in and out of the water, and more time using it.

And walk-around access means you can load and unload your gear, coolers, ice and catch of the day without breaking your back – then have complete walk-around access to your boat to clean up in! Do not allow chronic water storage to foul your rig – get an EZ Dock!

When considering a dock for either fishing or cleaning fish what could be better than a dock which can be easily cleaned with no residual “fishy” smell – a stable dock with a fish cleaning station, water supply, and cleats to secure your boat.

Since the modular dock system can take any shape you can easily begin with a dock configuration with fingers, railings, and many accessories which can be changed completely to another dock configuration should your requirements change (larger boat, smaller boat, an additional boat, new accessories like a bench, dock box, kayak rack, etc.)

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