Education Applications

Rowing, swimming pools, sailing school, sea life study

EZ Docks are installed in many education based environments


EZ Dock makes a perfect platform for launching rowing shells. The unmatched stability and flotation capacity allows for even the largest 8 person crews to safely and confidently carry their shells to the dock edge for launching. Dock freeboard can be adjusted to the optimum level by adding or removing water ballast from the dock sections as needed.

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If you are a member of US Rowing we provide a group discounted rate for the EZ Dock system.

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Swimming Pools

EZ Docks can be installed for indoor swimming competitions. During practice and competition judges and coaches make use of the docks to either coach or judge the competitors.

Sailing School

EZ Docks are used in sailing schools because the EZ Dock system is easy to configure or expand to meet the sailing school’s needs. As the school grows, their EZ Dock system can grow with it.

Sea life Study

EZ Dock provides accessories to create a pen within the confines of an EZ Dock installation. The accessories allow for a suspended wall and floor inside a the docks. These pens are used for educational or research applications such as the study of sharks, rays and other sea life.

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A perfect platform for launching rowing shells

Swimming Pools

For coaching and judging swimming competitions

Sailing School

Configurable for various boat types and sizes

Sea Life Study

Environmentally friendly way to study sea life