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ADA Compliant Products

EZ Dock is committed to making products that are accessible to everyone. Here are four of our products that are ADA compliant and make our EZ Dock system safe and functional for all.

EZ Launch ADA

The EZ Launch™ for Kayaks and Canoes was the first port system built specifically for paddlers. It’s so simple and safe to use that everyone will find boarding, launching and recovery a breeze. The rollers and guide rails make it easy to “glide” on and off. It can even be configured for universal accessibility that exceeds the requirements of the ADA by adding the Transfer Station accessory.


With a gangway that is ADA compliant and a floating dock system with security curbing wheel chair access to the entire dock system is permissible. EZ Dock provides the proper length and width of gangway with kick panels and transition plates for any floating dock system configuration.


EZ Dock provides railings for every size dock section which can be combined to enclose any or all sides of a floating dock system. These railings, along with our curbing add an extra level of safety and security to the EZ Dock system.


Constructed of polyethylene, EZ Dock security curbing provides a safe border around dock edges for wheelchairs. The dark brown color provides a matching contrast for easy visibility for your dock. The curbing secures to the EZ Docks using standard cleat receivers.

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EZ Launch™ ADA

EZ Launch™ ADA


Access Management Gangways


Railings add additional safety to your dock


Curbing provides a safe border around your docks